Peggy iz Kanade

September 17, 2015

Tega v zapisu O meni nisem zapisala, a lahko se pohvalim, da imam sorodnike v Kanadi 🙂 Odkar sem se poročila seveda. In včasih imam res občutek, da so bolj moji sorodniki kot moževi. Ker pač obožujem angleščino in komaj čakam, da lahko z njimi poklepetam. Mož angleščine ravno ne obožuje, a pogovarja se pa vedno največ izmed nas vseh. In potem se smejimo njegovim izrazom in rešujemo uganke, kaj je želel povedat. Recimo veverica je square, rakci so crisps, zobotrebci pa toothwood 🙂
Tokrat sem na čvek povabila Peggy. Je žena in je mama. Bentley je star leto in pol. Peggy dela v hotelu na čudoviti lokaciji Niagara on the Lake, tukaj lahko vidite, da so jo v službi uporabili tudi za manekenko. Super, kajne! Je res enkratna punca, vedno nasmejana in odlična mama. Vprašanja in odgovore sem pustila kar v angleščini. Boste vse razumeli.

Q: How did you tell your husband you were pregnant? How did he react?
A: I took a pregnancy test and asked him if he wanted to look at it with me and he said he wanted me to look at it first and then tell him. It was a positive test and when I told him, he started laughing, kissed me on the cheek and said “This is the only baby we are having!”

Q: Did you get any good advice while pregnant and later with your baby?
A: I have lots of close girlfriends who were already mothers when I found out I was pregnant so they helped me a lot along the way.
Get lots of rest, take your prenatal vitamins and enjoy any quiet time you can before the baby comes!
Sleep when the baby sleeps!  I didn’t take naps when my baby did for the first year and then started – I wish I put my head down when he did – would have made me feel so much more fresh and ready for when the baby wakes up!

Q: Did your body go through any big changes while pregnant?
A: My hair and nails looked GREAT from the prenatal vitamins!

Q: How did you cope with getting back to work?
A: I was ready to come back to work – I missed my job and my team here at the hotel.
I knew that placing Bentley in daycare when he was 1 year was the best thing for him – he LOVES being with his friends and has lots of fun while I am at work!

Q: How did Bentley get used to daycare, did he cry a lot?
A: He loved it from the day he went – we choose a home daycare and it was a safe, quiet, happy place with other kids. He never cried – I cried the day I dropped him off for the first time!

Q: Is there anything you wish you would do differently (about being pregnant, baby etc)?
A: Get more rest when I could!

Q: Your husband has severe back problems and you are often alone for everything, how do you manage?
A: I try my best….it’s been tough but Bentley is a little angel and when I feel stressed or overwhelmed, I look into his eyes and know that raising him makes it all worthwhile.

Q: How do you take time for yourself?
A: That hasn’t happened yet but I will let you know when I do!


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