The Fox in the Attic

February 10, 2017

Lisička na podstrešju, po naše. Michelle in njeno trgovino sem seveda našla na spletu. Kje, ne vem več. Vem le to, da sem takoj obiskala njeno stran in se zaljubila v blazino z levom (za sina kakopak). 

Njena sporočila so bila zelo prijazna, kot da bi se dopisovala s sosedo, ne pa z Anglijo. Tako sva si izmenjali par mailov, potem sem se opogumila in jo vprašala, če ji lahko za potrebe bloga zastavim nekaj vprašanj. In punca je bila takoj za! Kako sem bila vesela! Sicer sem na odgovore čakala skoraj dva meseca, ker je bila v decembru tako zelo zaposlena z razpošiljanjem svojih stvaritev. 

Poglejte si njeno stran, preberite njeno zgodbo in ne zgrešite detajlov njenega studia ter prikupne Penelope, hčerke, ki začara in tako pogumno nastopa v njenih objavah.

Tukaj pa torej obljubljen intervju z Michelle, lastnico znamke The Fox in the Attic! Njeno delo si lahko ogledate na spletni strani, jaz pa sem ji seveda zastavila bolj osebna vprašanja, povezana z družino. Pa poglejmo, kaj pravi 🙂

Any special story behind your cute brand name?
It’s always equal parts difficult and fun picking a name for anything. It’s also difficult as many things you can think of are already taken by existing companies. Foxes have long been one of my favourite animals, and they’re extremely photogenic and much-loved by people, so I knew that had to be in there somewhere. Attics are very evocative, cosy spaces in my imagination, so I just put the two together.
Did you have any other jobs before starting on your own?
One of the first jobs I had was working at a photography lab and developers, and then working in an office for a short while at a catering company. Both jobs were highly organised and filled with experiences that helped shape my outlook and propel me to begin my own company.
How do you handle being a working mom?
With a huge amount of patience! Everyone will tell you that it’s incredibly tough and requires a great amount of strength, discipline and will-power…and they’re right! I’m also very lucky that my husband is at home for most of the time, and can share the burden of looking after our daughter. My own mum also flies over from South Africa from time to time to help out, but that is a very expensive babysitter to use!
How do you unwind?
It’s probably quite unimaginative, predictable and simple, but nothing beats a classic large glass of red wine once Penelope (my daughter) has been put to bed. My husband and I enjoy cooking dinner for each other, before perhaps enjoying a film or a period drama of some sort on television. Absolutely nothing beats ‘Game Of Thrones’, which we’re both obsessed with.
Are you planning on having a big family (more kids)?
We are definitely considering another child. It would be lovely for Penelope to have another sibling to play with, before the age gap between them gets too large. But not sure we are quite ready for double trouble just yet! The thought of having a really huge, busy family is always appealing, in a romantic sort of way. But I think the practical realities would be nightmarish.
What is important to you when it comes to family time?
Obviously that old cliche ‘quality not quantity’ rings true. We enjoy simple things like going for a walk to the pier or the park, or a National Trust property if we’re feeling particularly adventurous. Even when we’re just at home it’s important to properly engage with Penelope, really listen to her and read a book together, as opposed to just to her.
Do you have any favourite children shops, products?
There are so many wonderful independent shops out there to choose from. Too many to name, but I will say that I support independent makers first of all.
What is your perfect date night?
Probably a fantastic restaurant (preferably Michelin starred and French), some extremely fine wine and classic food. My husband and I love going to places like The Ivy, Rules and The Wolseley in London, and there is a brilliant place near us in East Sussex called The Curlew. The simple things done beautifully. Perhaps a theatre show or an exhibition beforehand, but not essentially.
Is there anything about raising your daughter that before she was born you said you would never ever do it, but do it anyway 🙂 ?
Nothing immediately springs to mind. It is very easy to give in to certain demands just for peace and quiet. But so far we have been very good. And so far she has absolutely no interest in sugar or junk foods or anything like that. She’s a bit of a dream, really.
What would you say is the best thing about being a mother?
Hugs and kisses. It’s all an incomprehensible miraculous thing, in all honesty.
When can we expect baby clothes and bedlinen?
I’m always brainstorming and looking out for new inspirations and ideas for new ranges, and baby clothes and bedlinen is always up there and present in my mind. It can be difficult to source suppliers for original fabric patterns and designs, so that’s a challenge. Doing baby clothes properly would be going into the world of fashion, which is an entirely new discipline. As for bedlinen, I already have some of my new pattern designs available in that on the Society 6 web shop, but I may have a go at producing my own one of these days, too.
You travelled through Europe, did you visit Slovenia? If yes, is there anything particular you remember about our country?
Never been to Slovenia, but I would love to! I travelled extensively around Poland, which is maybe the closest I’ve been. But I very much enjoyed that. Eastern European food has some general similarities, which I very much enjoy. My grandmother was from East Germany, and my husband has Polish heritage, so I sort of know the main foods from that part of the world. 
Thank you so much, Michelle! Wish you all the best and looking forward to your new creations! Maruša

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